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Cannot stop looking at Carla’s wardrobe projects. UNREAL! Can’t wait to finally have my own place so she can put her magic into it. 


I asked Carla to visit and turn my spare room into my dream walk in wardrobe. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted or could achieve with the space, but we sat down together and Carla went through all the possible options with me, making sure I was completely happy with the design. The actual process of the fitting was great. There was no mess and I was kept up to date with everything. Everything now has its own perfect little place. I could never have imagined it looking this great. It feels like I have my very own boutique. 



Carla reorganised my wardrobe and drawers despite having limited space and also put more than 10 outfits together in only 4 hours. In no time at all Carla knew my style, exactly what I was comfortable wearing, and precisely what I was missing from my wardrobe. I’m now working my way through that list to ensure I have the best capsule wardrobe. 

Carla’s wardrobe detox is a life changer! Since having a baby my wardrobe has been such a mismatch of different styles and I felt like I’d completely lost my identity. The detox was really fun and liberating. Now I really look forward to choosing my outfits for the following day, whereas before it would have been an afterthought or chore. Thank you Carla for making me feel so much better about myself. 

I booked in a wardrobe detox with Carla. We did it over Skype due to COVID and it worked so well. Carla is really easy to speak to and makes you feel so comfortable. I can now see everything in my wardrobe and feel like I’m walking into my own mini boutique everyday. 


Every mum needs Carla! She has really helped me find my style again and come up with key looks that really fit my lifestyle as a busy mum. Thank You so much!


My husband treated me to a Wardrobe detox with Carla for my birthday. Carla really took the time to try and get me and my lifestyle needs. SUPER talented stylist with a fabulous eye for fashion


I cannot recommend Carla highly enough! She knows exactly what suits me and pieces outfits together in ways i'd never think of. My forever personal stylist!

I used Carla's online personal shopping service to find me some nice new outfits. Even though she didn't know me before, all the outfits she sent me were just AMAZING! I would have never combined outfits this way and I will be booking in again for next season!


Carla created around 30 new outfits from my existing clothes that I would never have thought of myself. She knows exactly what works and what doesn’t. My new wardrobe has created so much attention that my friends and even work colleagues have asked for her details and also now use her services. 


Anytime I wear one of Carla’s outfits I’m complimented from the moment I leave the house, which gives me a huge confidence boost. She has a real eye for style and the latest fashion trend, and knows exactly what outfits suit my body shape. 


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